nonome's Trending Fashion Tip on Necklines

nonome's Trending Fashion Tip on Necklines

Are you tired of the same old boring neckline on all your outfits, and want to switch things up a little? But are you also having some confusion about all the options, which neckline will fit you the most, what’s best for certain occasions? Fret not! We've rounded up for you the top four necklines that are taking the fashion world by storm, and we’ve prepared just the details and explanations you’re looking for! Plus, we’ve handpicked an example piece for each featured neckline, so you can simply click, and make any neckline you fancy your own!


Look 1. The Round Neck / O-Neck

(ft. Sleeveless Cotton Crop Top with Elastic Band)


First up, we have the round neck, a timeless classic that suits absolutely everyone and every occasion! It’s a simple, circular neckline that sits close to the neck without any collar or opening, therefore particularly good if you are going for a casual and understated look. The round neck effectively elongates the neckline, making the face appear more balanced - universally flattering we must say!


Look 2. The V-neck

(ft. V-neck Asymmetrical Ruffle Wrap Dress)


Next, we have the daring V-neck, the perfect choice for those who want to add a little spice to their outfit! It creates a deep V-shape in the front, exposing just a little bit more skin. The subtle absence of fabric in turn draws attention in the opposite direction and onto the face, creating a super flattering slimming effect. Perfect for dates, receptions, nights out and so many more – just any occasion you’d like to feel ultra confident in!


Look 3. The Off-shoulder

(ft. Puffed Sleeves White Crop Top)


Feeling a little more adventurous? You’ve got to try the trendy off-shoulder! It softens angles and creates a super feminine look. Perfectly showing off your beautiful shoulders and collarbone while still maintaining sufficient coverage - it’s truly the manifestation of comfort and style! Whether you feel like dressing it down with sandals and a sunhat for a casual day at the beach, or dressing it up with heels and a choker for a date night at your favourite sky bar, the off-shoulder is just so versatile!


Look 4. The Square Neck

(ft. Padded Camisole Top with Straps)


Last but not least, the bold and structured square neck. First popularised during the Renaissance, the square neck has carried sophistication and flair through centuries. A tried-and-tested classic! Creating a straight line across the chest area, it accentuates your beautiful collar bones. Basic enough for everyday wear whilst also intriguing enough for an elevated and chic look. With this neckline, you are sure to be making a statement and standing out in a crowd - what an absolute star you are!


In conclusion, these four neckline styles are sure to spice things up and take your fashion game to the next level! Don't be afraid to experiment a little. You’ll be surprised by the sense of balance and harmony in your overall silhouette that you could create! It’s time to show off your unique style, and show off YOU! 🌟


By: Lea


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