nↄnↄme means attitude.

We believe and celebrate the idea that there is no specific style for anybody. Everyone carries off various styles depending on his/her build, mood and the occasions. This is why we strive to design and produce diverse ladies' clothings, from basic staples to statement pieces, so that there can be more than one piece that can match your vibes. Be spoilt for choice as we curate different collections to enable you to find your fit. 🎉 

Clothes, to us, are daily essentials and mood lifters. So we hope our fashion can be budget-friendly to bring you greater joy. We work our best to source directly from factory partners to ensure competitive pricing.

Our promise

We’re incredibly proud of our products and would offer an item exchange / credit refund with no further questions asked, if you choose to return your item within 7 days from the date of receipt (i.e. the date you receive the item via postage) with your reason(s)/ feedback (e.g. the dress did not fit nor match your style). Details about the exchange/refund policy can be found here. Feel free to share your other feedback with us via the contact form too - we hope to deliver better products to you.


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